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License Manager service not getting started.


I did an upgrade from 7 to 7.1, then i added a new mcs as subscriber. But am not able to start any service on the subscriber as the License Manager service on Publisher is not getting started. Its mentioned in Bug CSCtc43971 that there is such a chance if there are too many numbers of License files. Here also we were having more than 100 license files. So contacted the cisco licensing team to consolidate all the license file in to 1 and i received the file.

So now my concern is,
1, Whether I have to delete the existing license files and then upload the new file. If am doing so, is there any possibility during this time the registered phones will get deleted or not, because already the DN numbers are assigned and published to the employees.
2, Or I have to upload the new license file first and then delete the existing license files one by one.

Please advice


Re: License Manager service not getting started.

Even though you shouldn't have any configurations that get deleted (you would get a license violation if you go with #1 which can affect system performance), the best way to go about this is to (if possible) - add the new file then delete the existing files.  I would get a good DRS backup before (just in case) and do this in the off-hours.  Once you get the new file installed, other licenses removed, and things are running properly...get another DRS backup post-change.


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Cisco Employee

Re: License Manager service not getting started.

Adding on to David's post, if you have a version later than, you can download all the license files on the system through the CLI - 'file get license *.lic'

You can just have the copy of the original licenses (just in case).

Watch out for the following defect too :

- Sriram

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Re: License Manager service not getting started.

Hi All,

Sorry for the late reply.

I logged in to CLI, and tried

file get license

file show license

file view license etc. commands but it was showing as command does not exist. file get license command made the CUCM hang, so i had to restart the

CUCM Publisher (thank God, it was during the downtime window). Then i took a DRS backup and entered the command

file delete license */ and it asked to delete the license files one by one and i gave yes to all. I completed the deleting and immediately uploaded the

license file using GUI.

Then i restarted the CUCM service and everything started working.

The subscriber services were successfully started and redundancy and load balancing was also configured.

Thanks for all the posts.

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