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local call transfer not working on CME10 for 7821

My setup is made of 4 cisco 7821 phones ( phone A, Phone B ,Phone C and Phone D)

when phone B get a call from phone A and transfer call to phone D or C

phone B is able to complete the transfer but phone A get a busy tone.

Problem is only with call transfer conferencing is working

My CME router  is running ios image c2900-universalk9-mz.SPA.153-3.M3.bin.

find attached configuration

What i am doing wrong ?

Can someone please help?

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You said "find attached

You said "find attached configuration", that is missing :-)


New Member

Sorry. Please find the config

Sorry. Please find the config file

New Member

Hello,You are missing your


You are missing your call-transfer config, i guess:


 transfer-system {blind | full-blind | full-consult | local-consult}
 transfer-pattern transfer-pattern [blind]          !!!... In case consultive transfer is enabled globally, blind transfer can be applied to specific patterns using blind keyword
 call-forward pattern pattern
 timeouts transfer-recall seconds
 calling-number local          !!!... This command will replace the calling-party name/number with the forwarding-party name/number for hairpin forwarded calls.
 transfer-digit-collect {new-call | orig-call}

Please, let me know the results


Best Regards 

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I think that telephony

I think that telephony-service is only for phone running sccp no SIP.

 max-conferences 8 gain -6
 transfer-system full-consult

But still not working

New Member

cisco Tac suppoort was able

cisco Tac suppoort was able to resolve issue.
 no supplementary-service sip refer  command was missing on my config under voice service voip.

New Member

Thank you. I appreciate you

Thank you. I appreciate you help and time

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