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Manually configured phone still has old user info even after Extension Mobility is configured

Hi all, thanks in advance for your help. I am testing EM and have run into a little snag. I configured EM on an already manually configured Cisco 7965 phone. EM works as advertised, I am able to login and out and the Users EM profile does deploy to the phone. When I log out, the phone goes back to the manually configured users settings. I am under the impression that when EM is configured properly it should be set to the default EM profile when logged out. Thanks again!

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Cisco Employee

No, that's not the default

No, that's not the default behavior, if you want a specific log-out profile to be used, you need to configure that to happen.

Everything is properly configured, what you're seeing, is one of the options you can use for EM.



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So there is a phone that has

So there is a phone that has been setup with for User1. It has his name, extension, and is associated to his end user profile. I am testing Extension Mobility and configure a profile called User1_EM. I then subscribed both User1_EM and his phone to Extension Mobility Service. When I check the drop down list under extension mobility on the phone, i do not get any options to select.

My Expectation:

  1. The phone that was configured will have the loggedout default profile and I will have to log in to get my settings
Cisco Employee

Provide a screenshot of the

Provide a screenshot of the logged out profile drop down from device.



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