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Manually importing greetings and name id wav files to Unity Connection7.1(3)

We are going to be doing a fresh install of Unity connection in one of our sites. The current Unity is version 4.0(4) running on a windows 2000 server.  Because the hardware, software and the OS are so out of date and buggy we don't want to attempt any upgrades on the server, we want to rebuild the system on new hardware.  My question is, can we copy and paste wav files from the current unity to the new unity connection 7.1(3) server?  We want to be able to copy the end users greetings and name id's for them in advance.

Please let me know if you do.

Thank you.



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Re: Manually importing greetings and name id wav files to Unity


I normally use COBRAS for this type of upgrade - basically you can run the export tool on your Unity server to export subscriber data, greetings, and even messages if you want. You then run the import tool for Unity Connection to push the users into the new server and map them to new CoS, schedules etc.

Unfortunately you do need to be running Unity 4.0.5 in order to get the export to work, but for the sake of a smoother migration it is worth the effort.

Search for COBRAS on this forum to see mroe info on it, or get the software from this link:

It's also worth reading through the help files to see what it can do, or maybe looking at the vids.



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