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Mediasense recording of IP phone

New install of Mediasense 9.1(1).  IP phone is set up with appropriate recording profile and BIB enabled.  Inbound calls to the phone record.  But if the phone makes an outbound call, it's not getting recorded. 

I'm a little confused by this since the recording profile is set to always.  Do I need to do something special to get it to actually record everything in and out from the phone (i.e. compliance recording)?  It's really not clear from the documentation.

There is no CUBE in this deployment.




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Update on this....and I'm

Update on this....and I'm scratching my head here.

Inbound calls to the phone from the PSTN work and record correctly.


Outbound calls FROM the phone to the PSTN fail.  A record shows up in media sense, but it shows a duration of 0 and the status shows an error.


Trying to figure out just how to troubleshoot this.  Doesn't make sense that it would work in one direction and not the other with the same equipment.

Was able to resolve this. 

Was able to resolve this.  The issue turned out to be that the phone we were testing with had been placed into a device pool that was assigned to some unusual settings for testing purposes previously and had not been returned to the normal setup (device pool/region/location).  Once returned to a normal configuration, everything worked correctly.

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