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Meeting Place Express 2.0.15 User Muting from GUI

Dear Gentlemen,

i have a problem i don't know if you came across it before or not but i really need a solution for this problem ASAP as it's very urgent...

for example, Phone A calls Phone B, when i go to Meeting Place Express 2.0.15 from WEB GUI, i can't mute either phone A or phone B from the WEB GUI.

waiting for your reply,

thanks in advance and best regards.

Karim Hany

Community Member

Re: Meeting Place Express 2.0.15 User Muting from GUI

Because you cannot change the rules for system-defined groups, Operations Manager provides user-defined groups that can contain the devices, ports, or interfaces in which you are interested. Port and interface containment is only seen and used by Polling and Thresholds (see Configuring Polling and Thresholds), but device groups will contain members when devices are added to the Operations Manager inventory. Once you edit or create a group, you can determine whether other users can view the group.

User-defined groups are the basis for the views that appear in the Monitoring Dashboards (Service Level View, Alerts and Events, Phone Activities, and Service Quality Alerts). For every user-defined group you create, a corresponding view is automatically created. For creating user-defined groups, see Creating and Editing Groups.

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Re: Meeting Place Express 2.0.15 User Muting from GUI

Hi :))

First of all, thanks a lot for replying !! :)

but i just want to know how's Meeting place express related to Operations Manager, it's not an Operations Manager problem, i'm talking about the software itself.

have you came across this problem before in the software ??

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