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Meetingplace directory new OU - help

We have MP 5.3 which points to our ADS for LDAP. We are in the process of moving all users to a new OU structure. I was able to create a new metalink and now meetingplace looks at the existing a new OUs.

The problem is when I move a user to the new OU, MP recreates the user with a new Unique ID and a new profile number. We have around 4000 users and cannot have everybody recreate their meetings.

Is there a workaround...pls help

thanks in adv,



Re: Meetingplace directory new OU - help

Normally, a unique identifier in the corporate directory, such as samaccountname in Active Directory or uid in the corporate LDAP directory, is correlated with the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace username, which is unique for the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace profile.

If the correlation rule determines that there is no such profile in Cisco Unified MeetingPlace, the MetaLink uses the configuration in the BootStrapPersonMap section to create a new Cisco Unified MeetingPlace profile.

If there is an existing profile in Cisco Unified MeetingPlace, the MetaLink uses the standard attribute mapping rules in the ImportPersonMap section to update the profile.

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Re: Meetingplace directory new OU - help

thanks for the issue is resolved

I did find this...may help someone else..

when you move users between containers, they will be deleted from MP and there is no way to pull them back with the same unique ID. When you do decide to move users in the corporate directory between containers, the AD metalink should be deleted first in order to prevent the MP users from getting deleted. After all of the users are moved into the desired containers, new metalinks can be created to reflect the new location.

Also, if users are moved around within the same container, then they will be unaffected.

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