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MeetingPlace DST problem with Europe users (server in USA).

Before I explain my problem here is my configuration

Audio server version

Outlook gateway

MP web


Users in USA & Europe schedule meetings in outlook (MeetingPlace plug-in version

I have a TAC ticket open for months but I am not getting anywhere. I was hoping somebody else has the same problem and fix / workaround.

The problem started on March 11 (after USA start of DST). All of the users in Europe with reoccurring meetings could not join meetings scheduled before March 11 because the server was now one hour off from their clock (Europe DST starts March 25). The Meetings were correct in their calendars AND SINGLE MEETINGS ALWAYS WORK.

All of my users are imported from AD using MeetingPlace Director Services. All of the users Time Zones are set to (default of the server or Central Time USA).

TAC told me I must set every one of my users MeetingPlace profiles with their local time zone. This will take much effort I have 2500 users around the world. I will only do this as a last resort.

After some testing I can see changing the users MeetingPlace profile time zone to user?s location will fix reoccurring meeting that span daylight time change.

My question is why do single meetings ignore the user?s time zone in the MeetingPlace profile?

For example user in Germany books two single meetings one for 3/23 at 4:00PM & one for 3/30 at 4:00PM. This users MeetingPlace profile time zone setting is set to Default (America/Chicago).

Both meetings correctly display 4:00PM in user?s calendar. In the server the 3/23 meeting shows time of 10:00AM (this is correct user is 6 hours ahead of server in CDT). The 3/30 meeting shows time of 9:00AM (This is correct user is now 7 hours ahead if CDT time).

So my guess is for single meetings booked using Outlook, MeetingPlace uses time zone from Outlook, and for reoccurring meetings MeetingPlace uses time zone from user?s profile.

If MeetingPlace can use user?s Outlook time zone for single meetings why can?t it use it for reoccurring meetings?

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Re: MeetingPlace DST problem with Europe users (server in USA).


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