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MeetingPlace Express Assistance

Hi All,


We have MeetingPlace Express version

We need to configure it to accept any user to make a non-scheduled conference directly, without requesting the user to enter his profile ID and profile password, and without the need to add the data of the users into the MeetingPlace.

We just need it to act as an audio conference bridge, so we need the user to dial the MeetingPlace number, then he can enter a certain password (one password for all our staff) to enable our employees to log into the MeetingPlace, and then get the Meeting ID and Meeting password and start the meeting.

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Re: MeetingPlace Express Assistance

Sorry, only MPE profiled users can start or schedule meetings. Guest users can only attend meetings. You will need to setup a default MPE user profile in order to start or schedule an audio or web meeting.

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MeetingPlace Express Assistance

Hi Gvass,

Thanks a lot for your answer, actually I thought of that but found the problem is that all meetings then will have the same Meeting ID which will be the same profile number of this default user.

So for example, if user A calls in and gets meeting ID 1234, and then after 5 minutes user B calls in to start another meeting, he will get also the same meeting ID 1234, which I guess will interupt the previous meeting of User A and will end it and will start a new Meeting for User B.

Please correct me if I am wrong or tell me if there is any work around to do so, thanks a lot, appreciate it.

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Re: MeetingPlace Express Assistance

Yeah, you are correct. The workaround or best practice is to use MPE profiles for each user as they would then have their own meeting ID that corresponds to their profile number for reservationless or audio only meetings. If they schedule the meeting via the web page or through the Outlook plug-in, they will be able to change the meeting ID. Otherwise, if there is only one account/profile being used, they will run into the scenario you mentioned where the meeting ID is the same. There is no other way around this in MPE.

Thank You,


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MeetingPlace Express Assistance

HI Gvass, thanks a lot   last question please.

I am trying to add bulk users now using a csv file with the following fields.


where "islocaluser" is set to "yes" and I try to login using the profile number and profile password stated in the csv file, and the "EncryptedProfilePWD" field is blank.

but it isw not working, am getting the eror:

"Error handling record 1: Profile password in plain text doesn`t match enrypted one."

any clue what could be the reason?

many thanks in advance.

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MeetingPlace Express Assistance


You are going to want to export using all of the headers and leaving them intact in the import file.  You will want to follow the steps below for a successful import as the system is really sensitive that the data is formatted a certain way.

Create a test user profile in MPE manually so that you can get the file format of the import file with the headers.

Export User Profiles.

Export this test user profile to a file and include the header information.

This will create a User_Profiles.txt file that you will save and then open up in Excel. (Follow these steps below to ensure that the file is formatted correctly)

1.  Within Excel, click on the Open tool on the toolbar. Excel displays the Open dialog box. (To display this dialog box in Excel 2007/2010, click the Office button and then click on Open.)

2. Using the Files of Type drop-down list at the bottom of the dialog box, indicate that you want to open Text Files (*.prn; *.txt; *.csv).

3. Select the saved export file.

4. Click on Open. Excel starts the Text Import Wizard, displaying the Step 1 of 3 dialog box.

5. Make sure the Delimited choice is selected, then click on Next. Excel displays the Step 2 of 3 dialog box.

6. Select Comma as a delimiter, then click on Next. Excel displays the Step 3 of 3 dialog box.

7. Click on Finish. Your file is imported.

8. Once the file is opened up in Excel, import your users into this spreadsheet so that they conform to the necessary format and the required headers.Next, find the "isLocalUser" field and set the parameter value for al user profiles from "No' to 'Yes'.  Then find the EncryptedProfilePWD and EncryptedUserPWD fields.  Remove the 'Encrypted' portion of the field name in the header so that they now read ProfilePWD and UserPWD.  Make sure the value for the ProfilePWD for these user profiles is a standard alpha password. (cisco)  Then make sure the value for the UserPWD for these user profiles is a standard numeric password. (12345).  You may just be able to leave them as they are from your import.

9. Save the file with the changes.

10. Go to the Application MPE Web Page and then Maintenance-->Import Data-->Import User Profiles.

11. Select 'Add Profiles To System', select file to import, and set Overwrite field to 'Yes".  (You should also set the log information to file option.)

12. Hit 'Execute' to import the user profiles to the system.

13. Once this is completed successfully, then go check the User Profile configuration to ensure that all users are imported correctly into MPE.

If you run into any problems with this procedure, please open an SR with TAC so that we can assist further.

Thank You,


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