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MeetingPlace Express internal domain

I have installed MPE version 1.1.3 and used our internal domain (CMB-BM.local) for the fully qualified domain names of the two interfaces. When I schedule meetings and the invites go out the links are to the internal domain. I need the invites to have our external domain ( Do I need to reinstall MPE or can I change the domain name associated with the two interfaces on MPE?


Re: MeetingPlace Express internal domain

Hi -

You can change the interface. From the server desktop, start a console. Or you can open an SSH session from client running on your PC. Go into root. Enter command "net" without the quotes. This is the network configuration utility and you can change the domain name (option 6) or the names used by the Ethernet 1 and 2 ports. Note that if you make any changes, check to ensure DNS is in synch, you can ping the interfaces, nslookup good etc. You will want to restart MPE after making any changes. I would also test you can access both the audio and web interfaces by starting a reservationless meeting and going into both.


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