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Meetingplace Express reservationless meeting license error


we have installed meetingplace express successfully. everything works fine, users can plan several meetings at the same time. however, once a user starts a reservationless meeting, no other meeting - neither planed nor reservationless can be started during the active reservationless meeting. the user then gets an error message "There are not enough available web licenses" although their should be enough licenses available.

this also applies to web-only meetings which are started by using the Cisco Personal Communicator (CUPC).

is it a bug in MPE or by design that we cannot establish more than one reservationless meeting at the same time? although it wouldn't make sense to use CUPC webmeeting feature....

these are our installed licenses:

Name Enabled Installed Comment

voiceconf 20 20 Max that can be enabled on this system: 40

webconf 6 6 Max that can be enabled on this system: 40

videoconf 6 6 Max that can be enabled on this system: 40

systemsoftware 1 1 Valid for version 2.0

languages No No

exchange 1 1

stdvoiceconf 6 0

stdvideoconf 6 0

thanks, Oliver


Re: Meetingplace Express reservationless meeting license error

Hi Oliver -

This may be an area to check ... We are running 1.2, but the values may be comparable. On your Meeting Configuration page, check the following values:

- Maximum ports per meeting for Reservationless

- Default number of ports per meeting (if your setting is 6, one meeting could consume all of your web ports)

From the MPE online help section:

"Users may start or join a reservationless meeting only if ports or floater ports are available at that time. For example, suppose that three people decide to hold a voice and full web reservationless meeting at a time when the system has five available voice ports but only two available web ports. All three people can join the voice meeting, but the last person to join cannot enter the full web meeting room until a web port becomes available on the system." There is also a table in the online help which references "Recommended Port Configurations for Scheduled and Reservationless meetings" - I found the link by searching for web ports.

Hope this helps! Ginger


Re: Meetingplace Express reservationless meeting license error

Hi Ginger,

thanks for your reply, but i had already set these two values to 2. hence, at least two reservationless meetings should be able at the same time with 6 web licenses. however, i'm not able to start more than one...

any other idea i might check?

thanks, oliver


Re: Meetingplace Express reservationless meeting license error

Hi Ginger,

after reducing the web floater and web overbook ports to 0 i'm able to start two reservationless meetings!

as far as i understand the documentation, if using reservationless and planned meetings one should reserve about 30% of the licenses (in our case 2) for floater and overbook ports?

cheers, oliver

Re: Meetingplace Express reservationless meeting license error

Hi Oliver -

From my understanding, the overbook ports are only used for scheduled meetings, not reservationless one. Configuring web floater ports should reduce the number of web ports that are available for scheduling meetings - and then can be used for starting/joining a reservationless meeting. You might try changing the web floater value back to 2, leaving web overbook at 0 (this is how our system is configured). We have 26 web ports on our system.


New Member

Re: Meetingplace Express reservationless meeting license error

Check this in your system.

By default MPE starts the web conference when reservationless meetings are started. So if participant list is 4 then MPE will not allow more meetings as there are only 6 Web licenses.

To have meetingplace not use the Web licenses when meeting is used only for voice.

Goto User Profile Management, select the user and change

Host web meetings with :

from: Full (requires licenses)

to: Participant list only. (no licenses required).