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Meetingplace failure to send email

I use MP 5.4 with SMTP email supportat the same level. I am having a problem where the emails are not being sent out, due to a failure in the MPNOTIFY:

MPNotify (0xb90) Information:[4] MPSMTP - Error ocurred: IDispatch error #17

There is much more doc. I have but I am finding people who had this same problem, but were told to upgrade to MPSMTP/NOTIFY version 6.

Can I just upgarde the MPSMTP/MPNOTIFY component to version 6 while other components are at version 5.4?

Thx in advance


Re: Meetingplace failure to send email

SMTP failing to send notifications seems notify and smtp services were not synched up need to restart mpnotify and mpsmtp services. Could you please check the mailbox of th eadministrator/User. Whetehr itis pointing to the correct mailbox int eh Meeting place Gateway.

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Re: Meetingplace failure to send email

I did perform the steps you indicated, but with no change.

I did get a lead from another gentleman from India, he had the same problem. His solution was to upgrade to the MP SMTP/Notification gateways. I did so:

Unit 16 Smtp:GW v5.4.11.0 Ok

Unit 16 MPNotify v5.4.11.0 Ok

emails are flowing correctly in all cases (add/modify/delete).

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Re: Meetingplace failure to send email

MPSMTP 6 is not compatible with 5.4.

You will find some troubleshooting info here (even though it says 5.3, it is the same troubleshooting). Look under the section: Viewing Server Notification Status.

You can learn more about MeetingPlace by getting training at

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