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Meetingplace v8 authentication with WebEx not working

I am having a slight issue with MeetingPlace v8 authentication with Cisco WebEx.  I am using the type-II integration using Cisco WebEx MCS Node and using SSO via the Call Manager.  The user profiles are being imported from Callmanager correctly.

When I logon to WebEx I am redirected to the MeetingPlace logon page.  But when I logon I receive the error -

'unable to complete authentication with Cisco WebEx'

I know that the username/password check is working as I can see the Logout button at the top right of the screen.  I should be redirected to WebEx again but I am not.  If I look at the Admin pages of the WebEx site the user has not been created.  I have uploaded the cert from MeetingPlace to WebEx, just in case.

Also, not sure if this is related, but if I reset the TSP connection from MeetingPlace Admin (WebEx Site and Server) I receive the error - 'Cisco WebEx could not authenticate user using XMLAPI'

Really scratching my head on this one now.

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Meetingplace v8 authentication with WebEx not working

Hey Andy,

Your problem is definitely caused by the TSP connection failure. There's a few things that you will want to check to troubleshoot this one.

-Make sure the APP server is synced with NTP. Time synchronization is one of the most common causes of these failures. Esp. with a new installation.

-Review the network requirements and make sure you have these ranges open for your firewalls:

-And just as a sanity check did you upload the SSO certs to the WebEx site to configure the authentication and MP integration?

If you're still unable to resolve this, you can open up a TAC case and have one of us take a look at the issue.

Let us know if this helps,

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Hello, i have this problem

Hello, i have this problem too. How dis yo solved this issue?



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