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MeetingPlace with RSNA

We have RSNA working to a point with a pair of MP Audio Servers. Here is what is happening.

A user dials the RSNA # and connects to the first Audio Servers. The Audio Server verifies that the "Scheduling Home Server" group ID from the user profile matches the configuration for the "Other MeetingPlace Server" ID number and via a SIP REFER transfers the user to the 2nd Audio Server. At that point the user, who in our tests is the conference leader (we haven't tested RSNA with the attendees yet), is required to select #2 to begin a meeting and then enters his/her credentials.

It is our understanding that RSNA transfer should be tranparent to the user, i.e. the user should not have to enter his/her credentials or select #2 to start a meeting once they have been transfered to the 2nd Audio Server.

Can anyone verify that they have this working? Also, would someone explain how the user information is passed from the first Audio Server to the second?


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