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MeetingPlaceExpress Server Timed out Error

Have a new Demo system that I am working with for the first time. Things seem to be set up correctly, but as I am testing, and trying to schedule a simple meeting, I am getting an error message :Request to server timed out. Please try again."

What server are they talking about?

MeetingPlace Express

CallManager 4.0.x

Also had problem with 1.1.2.x system.


Re: MeetingPlaceExpress Server Timed out Error

Hi -

What type of meeting are you attempting to schedule? If Reservationless, check in your server's System - Meeting Configuration page to ensure Reservationless meetings are enabled. Unless you are attempting to do a Direct Meeting Dial-in, I don't think either the Scheduled or Reservationless meeting get CallManager involved until the meeting has been scheduled. It may be a problem with your voice ports (I don't recall how many are enabled for a demo system). You may also want to check the default number of ports configured in the Meeting Configuration page - it may be greyed out as a result of the demo. Are you seeing any errors when you go to Services - (Logs, alarms, system status) that match the same timeframe as when you attempted to schedule the meeting?


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Re: MeetingPlaceExpress Server Timed out Error

thansk. This is trying to do a regular scheduled meeting. There is nothing in any of the logs except a 0x2 message about not being able to access them. I am logged in as an admin.

Re: MeetingPlaceExpress Server Timed out Error

Hi -

I wasn't able to find anything related to MeetingPlace Express for that error you are getting ... but the error could be related to DNS resolution problems. From the server shell, execute these commands:

- ping your DNS servers defined in your MeetingPlace config and see if you can contact the servers. You can identify the DNS servers by typing the NET command logged on as mpxadmin.

- nslookup - for your DNS servers

These commands can be executed from the mpxadmin. You do not need to be in root. If that works OK, try this. The default is to allow the Admin to be able to schedule voice and web resources for a meeting. Could you log into your MeetingPlace web page as a user rather than admin? Then start a reservationless meeting first to see if that works or if you get the same error. Ginger

Re: MeetingPlaceExpress Server Timed out Error

Sorry for the duplicate post. Not quite sure how that happened!

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