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Message Delivery Delay

Unity 4.05 Exchange 2000 off-box - I have a user who is complaining that when she comes in and checks her messages first thing in the morning that she has new messages that were left for her the day before. She always checks her mailbox before she leaves for the day and the messages were not in the mailbox when she checked. What would be the best way to troubleshoot this problem from an Exchange and a Unity standpoint? These are messages left from outside the Unity system. Thanks!

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Re: Message Delivery Delay

Just found these in the Event Viewer on the Unity System. They started on the date indicated and occur once a day. Not sure if this is assocaited with my message delay issue. Can anyone decode the:

Recipient: 0x00001230

Event Type: Warning

Event Source: CiscoUnity_UMR

Event Category: UMR Thread Error

Event ID: 155

Date: 11/10/2005

Time: 8:43:24 PM

User: N/A



One or more messages have been held in the UnityMTA directory for 30 days. This directory is used by the Unity Messaging Repository service to temporarily store voice messages left by unidentified callers when the Partner Mail Server (COMRCN01CCMEXCH) is not available. Normally, these messages are delivered shortly after Cisco Unity detects that the partner mail server has come back on-line. Check that the partner mail server is on-line, including the mailstore, and that Cisco Unity can connect to it. If the partner mail server is on-line and reachable, to diagnose the problem, enable all the micro traces for the AvUMRSyncSvr service, restart the service, and then examine the logs.

Message information:

Recipient: 0x00001230

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Re: Message Delivery Delay

I have a similar issue. Still don't have a definitive answer.

You might want to check the users mailbox settings (ie: storage limits and such) and also the \commserver\UnityMTA folder for messages that are failing to be delivered. I think the root of your issue is Unity going into UMR mode. You should start looking at the causes. (ie: is the message store going off line, and why).

Our issue stemmed from some permissions related problems. Rerunning the perms wizard and the message store config tool was recommended by TAC.

hope you find an answer.


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Re: Message Delivery Delay

Join the club?

Unity 4.05 with exchange on server, no unified messaging, all the latest packs installed.

Subscriber complained they called Unity on Friday the 18th at 15:00 and was told they didn't have any messages.

Called in first thing Mon the 21st and Unity tells him he has four new messages.

The oldest from the 15th, one on the 16th and two on the 17th. WHY? Where to begin troubleshooting?

I checked his configuration settings and all are correct. dBWalker doesn't show any issues with the server. His mailbox is no where near any recording or storage limits.

This is not the first time this particular user has complained about delays in message receipts. Claims it happens about once a month.


Cisco Employee

Re: Message Delivery Delay

First check the application and system event logs. If there are no events that might link this issue, I'd do these few things.

1) Turn on exchange message tracking on Exchange and see if the message was received on exchange when unity was supposed to send it.

2) Turn on micro traces for UMR 10-14. This will show you when outside callers left a message and when unity connected to exchange to transfer the message across.

3) Check the cpu/memory. On a vm only server with AD and Exchange on server, 512 MB is not enough.

4) Make sure you have the latest exchange patches, in particular Exchange 2000 Sp3 + rollup.

Re: Message Delivery Delay

Check you Active Directory settings such as DNS, etc. Most likely, for whatever reason, your Unity box is not talking to your Exchange server where the VM's are stored. You can some AD tests:

ping the exchange server. Does it come back with it's full DNS name?

Open up Exchange Admin on the Unity server, can you "see" the other other Exchange server where the messages are stored?

DNS errors?

Another quick test is to leave a message in the subscribers mailbox, then log into OWA on the Exchange server to that mailbox. Is the message in there? if it is not, the message is still on the Unity server waiting to be transferred with MTA. Which most likely is pointing to an Microsoft issue, not so much a Unity software error.

hope this helps!

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Re: Message Delivery Delay

Does this apply when exchange is co-resident?

I left him a message and it appeared in his exchange mailbox immediately after I hung up the phone. Unity transmitted the MWI activation before I even finished leaving my message.

So how can I explain to him a four day delay in getting the messages from last week?


Re: Message Delivery Delay

If it's VM only setup, Unity and Exchange on the same box, AD still needs to have everything check out ok.

DNS still needs to be working correctly for AD to properly function. IF you have another GC in your "mini" domain for Unity, it needs to be able to communicate to the Unity/Exchange box.

Look for AD errors in your event log on that server. If you have another GC in the "mini" domain.. check that event log.

This could be another issue..... Log onto that users mailbox through OWA on exchange. How many messages are in that mailbox?

Sometimes, it's just a schedule reboot that cleans up annoythings like this.

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Re: Message Delivery Delay

VM Only.

Exchange 2K SP3 + Rollup ON BOX.

AD is working fine, as is DNS. Names resolve quickly and correctly.

Server has 2GB RAM

Reboots occur every Sunday @ 2 am.

Application logs not reporting any unusual errors.

These delays only affect certain users, in a random pattern, with no real constraint on time of day or day of week... although it seems more prevalant at the end of the week when they clean out their mailboxes. I originally thought it had something to do with mailbox limits, so I moved the users that had the issues to a new store with unlimited storage space. The issue followed them to the new store.

**Issue is almost impossible to replicate

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Re: Message Delivery Delay

Not sure what you mean by "GC in your mini domain."

I looked through the logs and didn't see any AD entries. I did see a number of entries of:

"A general error has occurred. There was a problem updating the current log file." SOURCE cupidsvc

I have also randomly been getting these errors which may be what we are looking for:

Running conversation SubSignIn on Port 10

Unable to log the activity of leaving a message to a Cisco Unity Subscriber. This is not a fatal error. The message was sent successfully, but an error is stopping the data to be logged for the Cisco Unity subscriber reports. Technical details 5107729190 returned [] on line of file . ????????

Unable to log the activity of leaving a message to a Cisco Unity Subscriber. This is not a fatal error. The message was sent successfully, but an error is stopping the data to be logged for the Cisco Unity subscriber reports. Technical details 0865 returned [] on line of file . ????????

For more information, click:


Re: Message Delivery Delay

Global Catalog server. (windows AD) Since you are running and VM only configuration, you should have a seperate domain.

If you only have one server for Unity when you installed, (exchange and Unity is installed on the same server) This server must be a Global Catalog server (GCDC) It could also be a DC. Either way, DNS, AD must be functioning properly on the machine or Exchange will start to flake out on you.

Any Exchange errors?

Not sure how you are with Exchange, but you could export all the VMs from your problem subscriber to a PST file. Delete the user from Unity. (save their greetings, etc or they have to recreate them) Wait for Exchange/Unity/AD to sync up @15 minutes) Verify in Unity the account is gone. Recreate the account in Unity. It will take a minute or so to update Exchange, creating the mailbox, etc. You can then import the PST file back into the new mailbox using Outlook, or whatever you please.

Something must be tagged in the database for that user on Unity/SQL. I don't think it would be an Exchange issue

The CupidSVC is the Unifed Performance Info and Diags. All that is saying is that it could not update the counters for that user... which sort of point to SQL for that record or subscriber.

The SubSignIN on Port 10 is saying the Subscriber is dialing into Port 10, then attempting to log into his/her mailbox to check messages. Once log in is authenticated, the subscriber will be able to access their inbox/options.

So we have two issues. One is a sign on issue. If Unity is taking a message on Port 10, then use it's admin account to log into the Exchange Mailbox to dump the message, it looks like it's running into trouble. This is where I look to make sure AD is running correctly. If AD is running odd, DNS is not configured correctly, Authentication issues will pop up randomly. This happens with PC's trying to log into a server. Sometimes it works, sometimes it fails.... if DNS and AD are flakey.

The other issue could just be the record for that user in SQL (where it keeps track of performance, ticks, locations, distro tables, etc. The SQL database is directly linked to the Message Que and SyncSVR. This are inturn link to the Directory Monitor for Exchange. This is why I say, it could be a record issue for that user.

Hopefully I am not confusing you, but give you more background info on how this all works.

Looking at my Unity book, they talk about \commserver\unity\MTA\failed There should be some log files in there such as route.txt

If the message is in there (even sitting in there for days) and no MWI, then it's another issue.

Fun stuff right?!

let me know.. slow week here I can help out

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Re: Message Delivery Delay

Just had another complaint from the same user that messages from last week just got placed in his mailbox today. Nothing shows in any of the logs. Unity 4.05 Exchange 2000 on server, NO unified messaging. DC Directory. System run time 14 days since last reboot.


Re: Message Delivery Delay

In the Event Viewer of your Exchange server, do you show any errors? I remember one time, I was running ArcServe or Backup Exec and sometimes the backup would knock the store offline or something the MTA transfers. the MD logs would build up, but as soon as I restart the Exchange services, everything was fine... the messages sitting in the spooler, dumped out the receipents. My fax server did the same thing. I had an Exchange connector between RightFax and Exchange and sometimes it would halt the connector during backups. Of course, it was something with the backup software that caused each issue.

I would check over Exchange to see if you have any errors happening there. If Unity is taking the call, recording, does it transfer it to Exchange? If it gets to Exchange, is it sitting in the SMTP que for some odd reason? How large is the subscribers inbox? Sometimes an inbox (the actual inbox) if the messages are in the thousands, Unity will have issues polling MWI, noticing new messages, etc.

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Re: Message Delivery Delay

Exchange is co-resident on the server. I looked over the event logs and haven't seen anything that means anything to me. The UnityMTA folder is empty. The edb file is only 9GB on a 60Gb system. The subscriber in question has only 8 items in his box using 2K of 10Mb. Exchange System Manager shows nothing waiting to be delivered in any of its queues.


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Re: Message Delivery Delay

Any resolution to this issue? I am having the same problem.

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Re: Message Delivery Delay

not yet. seemingly none on the horizon either.


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Re: Message Delivery Delay

Hmm, Something else I saw recently, but only applies if you have more than one Domain Controller / DNS server...All DNS servers must also be Global Catalog servers. Exchange gets goofy when only one of it's DNS servers are GC servers.

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Re: Message Delivery Delay


I'm wondering if anyone has any other input on this issue. My scenario is very similar to those mentioned above. I have verified all the routine information (Unity version, Exchange version, etc.) and have also looked through this thread and tried all the suggestions mentioned. I am also getting the "Unable to log the activity of leaving a message to a Cisco Unity subscriber..." messages every once in a while in the application log.

I'm just wondering if there is any other input before I need to get a TAC case open.


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