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message recall option in unity connection

i have configure the meesage retention period to 7 days, still i am not geeting recall option in main menu also how to give the recall access to users?



Re: message recall option in unity connection

Hi Sunil,

In 8.0 we added a "Sent items" folder which is used in message recalls. If enabled it keeps a
copy of a user's recently sent items (# of days kept is configurable)
and allows the user to attempt to recall any unseen copies.

You can query for messages that are in this folder, but by default this
feature is off .Even if it's on it only stores a fixed number of days worth of
messages, and even then the user can always deleted messages from the
Sent Items folder if they want to.

Hope it helps.

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New Member

message recall option in unity connection

i want users to keep sent iteams to recall the message. coulde you help me to configure the same.


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message recall option in unity connection

Hi Sunil,

Here is a nice reference and note from Unity Guru Linborg

The release notes talk about it:

short version for the TUI you need to map the function in a custom key map for users - it's not enabled by default.  We had to go this model several releases ago since conversation menus are just too packed to go stuffing things into them without causing heartache for existing sites - so the new features are done a la carte like this and you can configure them as you please for users that need them.


From this good thread;



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message recall option in unity connection

Indeed "+5" Rob, I usually add it to all deployments, which means you need to use one of the custom keymap conversations and allocate an input key to this as there is no way to add this to one of the default conversations.



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