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Message Transfers

When I want to forward a message, I press 5 and it asks me to spell the name or distribution list. I can then press ## to change to number dialing. Is there any way to make the number dialing hte default and the name/distribution list, the ## option? I am using Cisco Unity 4.0 Build 4.0(3) SR 1

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Re: Message Transfers

Hi Dave,

Have a look at this excerpt and document. I think that this is what you are looking for:

Changing Your Message Addressing Setting

Cisco Unity provides two ways to address messages to other subscribers by using your phone keypad:

•Spell a subscriber name.

•Enter a subscriber extension.

You change the message addressing setting that Cisco Unity uses by default only from the Cisco Unity Assistant, not by phone. Depending on how Cisco Unity is set up, you may be able to switch between spelling and number entry by pressing ## when you are prompted to address a message over the phone—regardless of the message addressing setting that you choose in the Cisco Unity Assistant.

To Change Your Message Addressing Setting


Step 1 In the Cisco Unity Assistant, on the Preferences menu, click Phone Menu.

Step 2 On the Phone Menu Preferences page, in the When Addressing a Message Let Me Identify a Subscriber By section, click the option that you want to use as the default for messages that you send.

Step 3 Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Save.

From this doc:

Hope this helps!


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Re: Message Transfers


This worked out well. I never even knew about the Unity Assistant. I was curious though if you could make that change globally or if I had to do it for each individual extension?

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Re: Message Transfers

You can change the addressing options for groups of users (or all users) using the Bulk Edit tool found in the tools depot on your desktop.

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Re: Message Transfers

Hi Dave,

Glad that worked! Jeff Lindborg (Unity Guru) is correct (as always!!) about using the Bulk Edit, and I think you can also change this system wide by changing a parameter in the Unity coversation that you are using. Have a look:

Subscriber Template Conversation Settings

The standard subscriber conversation is a set of prerecorded instructions and options that Cisco Unity plays over the phone to subscribers when they listen to, send, and manage messages, and as they change their Cisco Unity settings. Note that Cisco Unity also offers an alternative to the standard conversation conversation.

Subscribers > Subscriber Template > Conversation Page

**Identify A Subscriber By**

Select how subscribers address messages to other subscribers. Subscribers can address messages over the phone by entering subscriber extensions, by spelling their first names, or by spelling their last names. Addressing by name requires lettered keypads on subscriber phones.

In the subscriber conversation, subscribers can switch between addressing by name and addressing by extension by pressing the # key twice. Note that when the Enable Spelled Name Search check box is unchecked on the System > Configuration > Settings page, subscribers can address messages over the phone only by entering subscriber extensions.

From this doc:

Hope this helps!


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