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New Member

Messages Being Forwarded to Example Admin

Standalone VM only

EX 2000 sp3 on box

2.5 GB RAM

Backups Run every other day.

It's an odd thing. It's only from certain call handlers, at certain times. I'm examining schedules and broken links as I type.

It's not that messages are simply being delivered to the EAdmin Box, but being Forwarded. What would cause a message to be forwarded to the EAdmin mailbox, as opposed to the mailbox the message was originally intended for? The mailboxes these messages SHOULD be delivered to are not full. The server has plenty of resources left. This is frustrating.

If you look at the screen shot, you have 1 message delivered directly into the box, and a handful of others that were forwarded... any ideas?


Matt Miktus

Cisco Employee

Re: Messages Being Forwarded to Example Admin

Well, that's deffinitely a little unusual.

Unity doesn't forward messages like that when dealing with full or restricted mailboxes - Exchange NDRs messages back to the sender - in the case of an outside caller it ends up getting dumped in the Unaddressed Messages distribution list (which Example Administrator is a member of) - so the messages would be NDRs, not forwarded messages.

The next step would be looking and seeing who the messages are forwarded from in the mail itself - I'm having a hard time coming up with a scenario that would randomly forward messages like this but I can believe there's a mailbox configured to forwad all messages (this would have to be configured in Exchange, Unity doesn't expose such things) or something along those lines.

Armed with the info here, we can't really tell you what's going on - Unity does not automatically forward messages like this in any scenarios so it's likely you need to look under the coveres at some Exchange mailboxes or something of that nature.

New Member

Re: Messages Being Forwarded to Example Admin

To be honest Jeff, I thought this was a little odd myself.

The messages are left by outside callers. They access the mailboxes USUALLY via a call handler, it's schedule, and associated caller input options. These messages were left last night (this was a small cross section of the 80 or so) between 2pm and 6pm. The only change that was made was to a Schedule for this office... at around the same time that this issue began. as of today, things are much more quiet.

None of these mailboxes are configured to hard forward to the EAdmin via Exchange. Noone other than myself works on this one, and I would have no reason to do that.

This Unity __IS__ experiencing a delayed message delivery issue. Maybe this is related.

Should I wish to track Message delivery with the UDT, which traces should I enable?

Cisco Employee

Re: Messages Being Forwarded to Example Admin

Which mailboxes are the messages forwarding from? If you open the message, what's the forwarding record say? This seems like the next step in troubleshooting this... if it's forwarded from a mailbox the message was created in that mailbox and something forwarded it (i.e. not likely Unity).

Unity doesn't do message tracking because Unity doesn't move messages around in Exchange - Exchange does - so you'd track messages using Exchange traces/tools - a quick search on MSDN will turn up a number of articles on this.

New Member

Re: Messages Being Forwarded to Example Admin

Ok, the messages that are forwarded:

looks like they were sent to the correct mailbox, but then forwarded by Unity to the Eadmin box 1 minute later. Having sifted through these a bit, i see that they ARE valid mailboxes, are not full, and shouldn't have any issue receiving VM's.

I've attached a few more screenshots as well.

New Member

Re: Messages Being Forwarded to Example Admin

TAC is recommending "deleting the MAPI Profile" and then rebooting the box. letting the profile be recreated...

but they can't find the procedure in the db.

How does this sound to you? If it sounds correct, what's the procedure?

I tried logging onto a mailbox using the MBXSuite utility, with a userID that has MBX Rights... and it fails initially with:

CMBXMapiSession:LogonBox ERROR: 0x80040111

::MAPILogonEx ERROR: 0x80040111

Mailbox Logon Entry


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