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Messages "Not" forwarding to other Unity 4.0.3 Servers

I have three primary locations. All three primary location have the correct remote delivery locations. I have checked and verified the correct domain name for all the locations. I can ping between all of them. I have dialing domain called VOIPDIR and it is common on all the other Unity boxes.

I take a message and hit "5" to forward to another subscriber. I then hit "##" to dial by extension. I enter in 777 and then the for digit 7671 for my remote user. It finds the user and presents the name. I hit "#" to confirm the name given. Then I hit "#" again to send the message. Then the options are given to delete that message or not. I go to the remote Unity server to check and the forwarded message is not there. I then check the properties of the user in the Exchange admin to see if the mailbox shows a message and it doesn't. But the voicemail to email is triggered and that user will get the forwarded message in his email inbox. I have message tracking turned on and I can't find any messages. I checked the SMTP Queue in Exchange and there are no messages waiting to be delivered. I also checked the Exchange Voice Connector queue's and there are no messages there either. I turned on SMTP logging and see the successful handoff of the message. I have restarted all the voice connectors and still nothing. I also turned on informational logging and nothing jumps out there either.

Any help would be great. This used to work. Oh yes, I can transfer VM to other subscribers homed on the same Unity server, so I know it is just the Digital Networking having issues....



Re: Messages "Not" forwarding to other Unity 4.0.3 Servers

Do your Unity boxes have unique Profile ID for each server? If you do not put a Profile ID in (you can do this from SA) it may not know they are digitally networked.

Have your tried to spell by name instead of digits also?

Another good test will be see if you can foward emails to another user on Exchange just to make sure this is working. You can do this with OWA from each server. At least you will know MTA is working for sure

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Re: Messages "Not" forwarding to other Unity 4.0.3 Servers

Yes they each have a unique Profile ID. I have done the spell by name and it does find the user, but the same issue occurs that it seems successful, but the user never receives the message. This is a VM only box, and I don't have an OWA front end server. I haven't connected via OWA before....I can however transfer to users on the same box. Just not to others...Any other idea's?

Re: Messages "Not" forwarding to other Unity 4.0.3 Servers

actually OWA is usually automatically installed.

So for example, connect this way to your Exchange server that has the Unity VMO.

http://mail.exchangeserver/exchange/alias (alias of subscriber)

Use the domain\unitymsgstrsvc account. (he has permissions to send/receive everyone)

New message

TO: use the GAL to find a person you know is on Unity 2 Exchange server

Now, repeat these steps above, but open up the Unity 2 Exchange server OWA.

http://mail.exchangeserver2/exchange/alias from TO

You can also do this with Outlook. You just have to configure a profile and connect to the respective Exchange Server.


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Re: Messages "Not" forwarding to other Unity 4.0.3 Servers

I am able to log into the account through OWA and send messages to local users on that Exchange box, but not to others homed on other Exchange boxes. All three of my Exchange servers are under the same site, so it doesn't make much sense. Plus they can ping each other using the A record....Is there something I have to configure special with my SMTP connector? Currently I am relaying VM to another Exchange for VM to email capability. Not sure if that is suspect or not. I see no VM waiting in any of the queues....

Re: Messages "Not" forwarding to other Unity 4.0.3 Servers

Well, if you can't send emails, you cant send voicemails.

Check your SMTP relay settings if you are using relays. If you have not allowed the other IP address to ability to relay, that could be the problem.

But I would have to say you have an Exchange problem, and not so much a Unity problem.

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Re: Messages "Not" forwarding to other Unity 4.0.3 Servers

I figured out the issue. I am using the SMTP Virtual Server. I found out that is you use more than one Exchange server in your site, and also use a smart host, if you want to forward a message to another user in the same site, different exchange server, the SMTP virtual server isn't intelligent enough to do both. So I guess you have to use the SMTP connector to do the dirty work instead. I am going to switch this over the weekend, and hopefully it will work. Here is a link to the article I found on it..

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