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Messages with no sound at all - Unity 4.0(5)

After a recent Unity reboot all came up fine, all processes started, all looks fine but the voicemail messages are blank !!!

They seem to be a sensible size as an Email attachment in outlook but no sound at all, same with people using 7940 type phones they listen to a blank voicemail.

I've has to disable voicemail for the day as there's nothing worse than blank voicemails for receptionists etc.

Any thoughts.... very much appreciated  Unity 4.05, CCM4, Exchange 2003

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Re: Messages with no sound at all - Unity 4.0(5)

Take a look at the following bug that could result in blank voicemails.

Hope this helps.


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Re: Messages with no sound at all - Unity 4.0(5)

Many thanks but I don't think it's that....  I've just rebooted both call managers started unity and all the processes.  The only error logs are to do with the exchange connnector - exchange chap going to have a look - I've just searched hard drive on unity - are the voicemail '.wav' files never storred there, the whole system is working perfectly, the voicemail '.wav' in exchange vary by the length of the caller and are a sensible '.wav' size but when you play them the message is blank.

The whole setup now looks flakey as the exchange server is being replaced by exchange 2008 in a week and I know the connector will fail at that point ad was hoping unity would be storring all the voicemails even eithout a unity connector.

Any help on the blank messages VERY much appreciated !!


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