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Messaging Project - Unity 4.0(5) and Exchange

As a small part of a major project, we need to move from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2003. We also run Unity 4.0(5) on a seperate server, but it has Exchange 5.5 admin tools.

In our case, we will be changing the Exchange server (partner) AND the version of Exchange (5.5 to 2003) on it at the same time.

I'm a bit confused when I read through the documentation on changing the partner Exchange server. It says if you are changing both at the same time, to please refer to 'Upgrading Exchange on the Cisco Unity System' - In here, I cannot find a reference as to which procedure(s) to follow for our scenario.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Re: Messaging Project - Unity 4.0(5) and Exchange

you can do this, please see the link below for more info:

basically, you need to follow the "upgrading exchange 2000 to exch 2003 for unity 403 & later without failover" (if you have failover, follow the steps they outline)

when replacing an exchange server while upgrading it perform the following:

the 3 subsections of upgrading unity as described in the doc, 1) Download Software, 2) Upgrade exch2k to exch2k3, 3) Reconfig Unity

NOTE: do not decommision the existing exch 2000 server without completing the three above subsections.

the doc you're stating is basically saying you must follow the steps as outlined above before you perform the "changing the partner exchange server" steps.

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Re: Messaging Project - Unity 4.0(5) and Exchange

As clarification:

We are introducing a new Exchange server that will run Exchange 2003 (in AD) and it will replace the Exchange 5.5 server (No AD). No failover scenario.

Here is where I'm still confused...

Do we...?

- Backup Unity (DiRT)

- Upgrade existing Exchange from 5.5 to 2003 (even though this server is going away)

- Re-integrate Unity

- Move mailboxes from 5.5 to 2003 (making it 'live')

- Change partner server in Unity to the new 2003 box

Or do we...?

- Backup Unity (DiRT)

- Migrate user mailboxes from Exchange 5.5 to new 2003 server (making it 'live').

- Re-integrate Unity into new Exchange 2003 server (will this work with no 'change partner' procedure?).

Thanks for any clarifications you can provide...


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Re: Messaging Project - Unity 4.0(5) and Exchange

Your Exchange migrate of 5.5 to 2003 on a different server in a new domain with AD is very similar to what I am doing.  I have Unity (4.0.4 SR1) with unified messaging.  Both my 5.5 and Unity servers are still in the old NT domain.  Were you able to pull this off?  May I ask for the steps you took to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance!


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