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Migrate on box ES2000 msg store to off box ES2007

For a Unity failover set up am looking at using an off box ES2007 environment (for Unity 5.x w/Failover - VM only)

However there could be problems migrating existing database? This is currently on a standalone set up, VM only with ES2000 on box.

For example if Unity 5.x can not directly create users in a pure ES2007 environment, how is the DIRT restore of the database (saved prior to Unity platform rebuild) going to work?

Has anyone experience of such a migration and is there any documentation which covers the topic of migrating to a pure ES2007 partner environment?

Having on box ES2003 in a Unity 5.x failover config, might be a safer route…?



Re: Migrate on box ES2000 msg store to off box ES2007

It's up to you. Either 2003 or 2007 will work. If you are doing all this work on migrating or upgrading, might as well go to Exchange 2007.

For Migrating Exchange servers, it would be wise to setup up a brand new Exchange 2007 server. Then you can simply move Exchange users from Server to server with the MSFT tools.

Upgrade to Unity 5.x

Install new Exchange 2007 server

Move users to Exchange 2007

Setup Unity 5.x to Exchange 2007

You can run both Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2007 on the same network. (if 2003 was first and 2007 was second installed) Unity 5.x will work fine with having the two servers on the same AD, but cant be used for UM or VM if subscribers are homed in both mail servers. That's why you have to migrate everyone at once to Exchange 2007.

Hope this helps

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Re: Migrate on box ES2000 msg store to off box ES2007


The ES2007 is an existing email set up - it's attraction is it's already there and Unity 5.x gives us the option of using it. Integrating to that could give the option for some UM use at a later date but today the requirement is pure VM only.

The reason for looking at 5.x upgrade was to get TAC supported failover setup, i.e. 5.x supports on box msg store for failover. The attraction of sticking with on box msg store is that it is autonomous (the current VM subscriber ES accounts are not aligned to the corporate ES2007 environment) and avoids the operations caveats of Unity with pure ES2007

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Re: Migrate on box ES2000 msg store to off box ES2007

Ignoring for a moment our failover requirements- the other driver is to migrate some VM users in the next six months to UM, i.e. end up with a mixed VM/UM environment. So need to look at off box partner server/msg store - there being an existing mail ES2007 environment in place, that would be the obvious first choice.

I'm sure I've seen somewhere reference to pure ES2007 environments supporting UM and mixed VM/UM but the Unity 5.x release notes state that: -

“Exchange 2007 is supported as the message store only when Cisco Unity is configured as Unified Messaging”.

Is this just trying to say you can't use ES2007 'on box' with Unity 5.x or does this really mean we'd have to look at a networked ES2003 / ES2007 environment with 03 acting as VM msg store and 07 the UM msg store for Unity subscribers?

Which could be interesting given you can't add ES2003 servers to a pure ES2007 organisation if it was built from scratch as such.

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