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Migrating from Unity 3.1(5)VM to 3.1(5)UM

I was wondering what the best way of moving someone from V-Mail to Unified Mail in 3.1(5). They both have Exchange 2000.

Cisco Employee

Re: Migrating from Unity 3.1(5)VM to 3.1(5)UM

Depends on what the naming convention between the VM only system and the UM system will be - if they match, DiRT will do this for you in a jiffy - if not it's a little messier using DiRT and then the Migrate Subscriber Data tool. This white paper talks about deploying VM only in anticipation of going to UM but it talks about some of the issues you'll need to care about here:

You'll also want to look at the DiRT help file itself which goes into detail about how the search for users in the directory is done which determines if existing users are bound to or created on the fly. You'll find the help file on its home page here:

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Re: Migrating from Unity 3.1(5)VM to 3.1(5)UM

They do have a different naming convention. There are only 45 users for this. I was wondering if it would be better to use the Unity uninstall tool and unistall Exchange, then just reinstall Unity for Unified and Exchange Admin tools. What I'm trying not to do is reinstall everything.

Cisco Employee

Re: Migrating from Unity 3.1(5)VM to 3.1(5)UM

For only 45 users I'd probably do an uninstall and start from scratch - the process of doing a restore and then moving the Unity data from the users created for the VM guys over to their appropriate AD account for corporate would be more work than just doing a scratch install and import.

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