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Migration process from Meridian Mail to Unity

Can any one point me to any documentation and or tools in order to export Meridian Mail VM boxes and menus and import them into Unity…Thanks!


Re: Migration process from Meridian Mail to Unity

Probably not going to happen. There is no way to import and export legacy vmail systems unless they are MS Exchange or Lotus notes based. What you can do is have the two systems running, and create a conference call to record the call from vmail on Meridian as itplays. This would be for "one offs" of people have absolutely must keep an old message. There are a few other ways people have posted in here in the last couple months. Another way is to use the built in Mic on Windows and record the Wav file from the phone's speaker or ear piece. You can then file that WAV file in the users "My Documents" or something of that sort.

All in all, what you are looking at is a long and painful process if you try to move messages to Unity.

Just off the top of my head, there could be another way using AMIS protocol if Meridian Mail supports it. The user could "foward" a vmail to Unity (everything has to be setup for this) to their new mailbox. It's a tricky setup, but should work because Unity does support AMIS.

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