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Misleading "Mailbox full" Error Message

A few of my users are getting an error message when they access their VM messages via their IP phone. The message operator tells them that their mailbox is full and that they must delete some messages, when in fact this is not true on their Exchange mailbox. The workaround I’ve used so far is to recreate affected the user’s mailbox in Unity and the problem goes away.

My question is that is there any other way of stopping this misleading error message without having to delete and recreate users’ mailboxes? Perhaps a system-wide config can do the job. We have version 4.0(3) UM with Exchange 5.5. The problem is sporadic and does not affect all users.

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Misleading "Mailbox full" Error Message

This sorta rings a bell - it could be this bug:

The limits for mailboxes that we pull in from 5.5 and store in SQL (where the conversations get them when making checks for full/almost full conditions) would get off in that scenario - not sure if the description in the release notes would match your situation or not...

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Re: Misleading "Mailbox full" Error Message

I believe this bug fix would resolve the problem. The Exchange Admins worked on the 5.5 server recently.

Thanks a bunch.


Re: Misleading "Mailbox full" Error Message

This doc I put together talks about how storage limits work with 2000/2003 but it is basically the same with 5.5. The difference being that Unity learns the limits which are written to SQL from the 5.5 directory so you need to go in to the users mailbox with the Exchange 5.5 Administrator in raw mode. (admin.exe /r)

This should be a start...



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