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Missed call notification through e-mail using Unity Connection


  Could we configure Unity Connection for missed call notification, once there is a missed call the notification will be send by email to that user ?



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No, we don't have such

No, we don't have such feature.



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Even in future release of

Even in future release of Unity Connection 10.5

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Roadmap questions cannot be

Roadmap questions cannot be addressed at CSC, reach your SE/AM, or ask in partner communities.



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Here's a potential way you

Here's a potential way you could try to do this, though it's quite cumbersome:

On a new Unity user, set to no greeting, maximum message length of 1 second, uncheck "Callers Can Edit Messages", and set the After Message Action to the intended user's "real" mailbox. Set up message relay on this 1-second mailbox to the user's email address. Missed Call forwarding rules on the phone will need to forward to this fake mailbox instead of the real mailbox... potentially with a *XXXXXX type of direct-to-vm CTI Route Point.

So here's the intended call flow:

  1. Caller (5555555555) calls user's phone (123456).
  2. User doesn't answer, phone forwards to first Unity box (546367).
  3. With no greeting, and 1 second message time, Caller only hears initial beep before being forwarded to second Unity box (123456). The user will get an email with a subject like "Message from CALLER NAME (5555555555)" with a 1-second wav file attached at this point.
  4. Caller gets greeting on second Unity box, and option to leave a voicemail as usual.


It's not a great solution, but if this is an absolutely-must-have-feature for a few users and you have the extra user licenses to spare, it's one potential way to achieve the effect. The email subject is a bit misleading though, as it's not actually the caller's message.


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