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Community Member

Missing Extension in CH

UM3.15, E2K

The latest DBwalker is giving me this error for a subscriber.:

1194:(error) Primary call handler does not have an extension defined. All primary call handlers (subscribers) need an extension

The SA subscriber profile shows the ext.field blank.

When I try to add the number, it comes back with a msg that the number is already used by the same alias as the subscriber in question. The Subscriber table shows the correct extension, the Handler table had the extension field <null>, I entered the correct extension but, the SA still shows the field blank.

How can I correct this?

BTW, this new version of the DBwalker is picking up a lot more errors than then before. Great, although it is slower.


Sabas Chois

Community Member

Re: Missing Extension in CH

Found the spot.

It was missing in the CallHandler table as well.


Cisco Employee

Re: Missing Extension in CH

Just as a side note... yes, the updated version of dbWalker runs slower but it also hits the CPU less (i.e. it takes "naps" to give other processes a change to grab the processor more) and it handles much larger databases better (i.e. systems with 20,000 objects in them) - I think the trade off was worth it. It was getting a little worrisome to me if large sites ran this during business hours but with the new version that shouldn't be a problem any longer.

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