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New Member

Missing messages in Unity box

Very first post here.

Does anyone have any experience or knowledge to offer about how to troubleshoot reports of message left in unity mailbox by a caller - but not found by subscriber when retreiving messages? In other words - missing messages.

System is Call Manager 4.1, and Unity 4.05.

I've left 3 test messages, and all were received.

I'm interested in any suggestions as to what could cause this problem.



Re: Missing messages in Unity box

Are you using off box Exchange 2000? If so, look in your boot.ini file on the Exchange server. At the end of the statement you should have "/3GB". If not, this may cause lost of messages.


Re: Missing messages in Unity box

Hi Nat -

Welcome to the Unified Communications forum! I have found this forum to be an outstanding resource. The easiest way to confirm a message was received is to track it in Exchange System Manager. You can do this from your Unity server. Start ESM and in the console, drill down to Tools - Message Tracking Center. Select the recipient of the message and his or her Exchange server name in the Server field. You may want to adjust the Logged between dates. Click Find. When you find a message you want to track, click on the message in the right-side of the console. The path of the message will show up. If you see "Message delivered locally to store", usually the last message you will see, it arrived in the user's inbox. Other areas to check, particularly if a UM site:

- Outlook automatic rule that moves a message to another folder other than the Inbox or Deleted Items. TUI won't see the voice message unless in Inbox or Deleted Items folder.

- User has Outlook preview pane on, which can open (Edit mark as read) a message and then the TUI won't see it.

- User's inbox is Full (Prohibit Send/Receive limit exceeded) and Full Mailbox prompt for callers is not enabled. Doesn't sound like your example, since your test messages were received.


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