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Mixed Up Unity Subscriber Extensions

Looking for some insight from the Unity Gods(tm) from an issue my customer presented to me. Unity 4.0(3)ES28, Domino 6.0(2) message store.

This system was deployed in December, and has been operating mostly trouble-free (other than the occasional, dcoumented Domino or DUCS integration issue). However the other day, supposedly out of the blue, a voicemail was sent by a user that was identified as being from another subscriber.

Typically these error reports are in error: A lot of times, Susie left the message from Bob's phone or whatnot. However, in this case, the phones are in different parts of the campus and the customer swore this was impossible.

After some digging, it turned out the two users in question had the same extension. This issue is two-pronged:

1. The system should not allow this, and

2. It was NOT like this from the get-go

The customer is quite sure it happened out of the blue; no changes were made prior to this happened. It has, to date, only happened this one time.

This certainly smells like buggy behavior, however, I was unsuccessful in finding anything in Bug Tool.


Re: Mixed Up Unity Subscriber Extensions

Is this just a single Unity system or do you have more than one Unity system in the same Dialing Domain?



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Re: Mixed Up Unity Subscriber Extensions

Strangely, this is just a single system, which to my understanding should not allow duplicate extensions.

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Re: Mixed Up Unity Subscriber Extensions


Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

I don't think the customer could configure it this way (same extension on two users) even if he wanted to.

Cisco Employee

Re: Mixed Up Unity Subscriber Extensions

Certainly the SA wont let you add a new user or alternate extension or edit an extension such that it conflicts with any other extension in the dialing domain - when there's multiple boxes on the network there can be replication lag which will alllow this but that's not the case here. I've never seen anything along these lines - I'm reasonably sure Unity's not just randomly changing Extension values around on you, though, so there's got to be something else at the root of it.

I'm curious, does dbWalker note the extension conflict?

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Re: Mixed Up Unity Subscriber Extensions

Unfortunately, the customer "fixed" the extensions prior to me being able to touch the box, so I can't comment on the results of a dbWalker.

The customer sent me a screenshot of a Subscriber Search By Extension, where he searched for a single extension and sure enough two users came up (listed with the same extension).

It's only happened once in 3 months, so there's no pattern here -- if the lindborg answer is "we haven't seen this anywhere else in the field", I'm ok with that.

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