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MobilityManager - MGCP & H323 on same box?

VG already deployed with MGCP. Can I run MGCP and H323 on the same box to implement MM MVA(mobile voice access)?

PSTN-->VG(MGCP)-->CCM-->route pattern(DID pointing to h323)-->VG(H323)-->kick VXML-->dial out the collected number via MGCP

I think it'll work but want to know any consideration.

Thanks in advance,


Re: MobilityManager - MGCP & H323 on same box?

You can run MGCP and H323 on the same Gateway. This works fine as long as the EndPoint (T1/FXO/FXS) are different. You cannot use MGCP and H323 to control the same endpoint. So, if you have only 1 T1/FXO you cannot use both. You will have to run H323 only.

Hope this helps

New Member

Re: MobilityManager - MGCP & H323 on same box?

Thanks Mahesh,

I have only one T1 with MGCP and want to add the MobilityManager VXML as h323 hairpin which not required endpoint since all call processing by CCM-MGCP combination.

here my scenario,

1. VG configured MGCP to endpoint processing and h323 hairpin for MM-VXML

2. CCM configured the MM-VXML number pointing to VG in route pattern

3. outside user dial to MM-VXML number (via MGCP) and the CCM directs to VG and kick the MM dial-peer

4. input remote destination number by caller and outdialing via MGCP.

Again, the h323 hairpin is to handle MM-VXML only and not required endpoint control, and not want to change the existing protocol. Is it not really feasible?



Re: MobilityManager - MGCP & H323 on same box?

Hi John,

I dont think it would work. Since the way MGCP and H323 work, it would not be possible for you to use the same T1 with MGCP and H323. Looks like you will have to convert the Gateway to H323

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