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MOC 2007 RCC and CUPS Call handling issue


MOC 2007 client 1 receives call from MOC client 2. External call comes in from CUPS to MOC client 1 and rolls to MOC client 3 (receptionist) who answers. MOC client 3 transfers external call back to MOC client 1. At MOC client 1 call from MOC client 2 is automatically placed on hold and external call is picked up by MOC client 1. This is undesired behavior. Review of SIP trace from OCS and CUPS shows behaviour but see nothing that points to why this is happening and how to correct.


Re: MOC 2007 RCC and CUPS Call handling issue

You may be pushing the limit with how OCS and Presence can handle the multiple calls to the SIP end point.

I would run this test:

- Do the same test with CUPC clients. How does CUPC handle the calls and transfers? If the tests are sucessful, I would say in is call control or flow between CUPS and OCS.

- on OCS, can you run the same test, but not involving CUPS?

Basically, you are trying to narrow down which platform is at fault.

Also, what version of CUCM are you running? I know in CUCM 5.x, there a bunch of SIP issues that were fixed in 6.1.

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Re: MOC 2007 RCC and CUPS Call handling issue

CCM version is 6.1, Cisco Presence 6.0.2.

Using 7970 IP Phones.

I need to correct info in the original post. Communicator is only used for call control, caller id, Outlook dialing, etc.

The issue can only be reproduced if the call originally came in for the extension and was transferred back to that extension. Transferring other existing calls does not replicate the issue.

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Re: MOC 2007 RCC and CUPS Call handling issue

I have the exact same issue, with the exact same versions oc CCM and Presence. I have a case open with Microsoft and Cisco, but neither is able to resolve thus far. I am also using the 7970 IP phone.

Please post back any resolution you may have with this issue. I will do the same.

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Re: MOC 2007 RCC and CUPS Call handling issue

I've installed the 6.0.3 upgrade which was released April 30, 2008. Which resolves this issue.

UNFORTUNETALY, there are more bugs now then before. Incoming calls no longer display caller information. Outgoing calls placed on the phone show a call from my extension to my extension. Outgoing calls from MOC show the right extension, but show: "Call not completed or has ended."

Re: MOC 2007 RCC and CUPS Call handling issue

Do you see anything in the RTMT in the SIP Proxy? You should see the SIP invites coming/going from OCS. If OCS is not sending it, then not much you can do.

I have found I have to constantly restart services on both sides anytime a change is made. Even at the OCS client side i have to restart. seems to help in fixing issues. Just had an issue RCC did not work at all, but was. Restarted everything but the OCS client and then all of sudden it started to work again. (after restarting the client)

Wireshark seems to help alot also. See whats coming and going on the OCS server.


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