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Modified Stored Procedures and Tables: how do we get back to a out-of-box

The Powers That Be decreed that our users would be confused by the large number of notification devices, so our development team took a look at the SQL tables and stored procedures used to create users, etc and altered Unity.

It's now a few months later, and after an assessment of the benefits vs. the fact that we're on our own (Since Cisco won't want to support the custom configuration), what are our strategies for getting back to an out of box config? We're running 4.2(1) in a UM environment with Failover. If I failover, then reinstall the primary I'll at least be at a known config. Is there some way to do a partial backup and restore? Ideally, I'd be able to restore things like user pin, recorded voice and other personalizations without restoring the altered SQL and stored procedures. Advice on the strategy to pursue at this point?


Re: Modified Stored Procedures and Tables: how do we get back to

Depends how much you have done to the SQL database and what Unity will think of it.

Regarding Failover, remember, the Failover server is replicating the entire database from the Primary to the Failover server. So anything you have done in the primary, is on the failover. If table were altered, there is a chance that it was not replicated. But most likely it was.

i would set up a lab enviroment. Load a server with 4.2(1) on it. Run a DiRT backup on the exisiting enviroment, and the run DiRT restore in your lab and see how it goes. Test all the pins, greetings, recorded names, leave a message, MWI on, MWI off, etc.

Worst case, you can run DiRT or ExMerge to export all the voicemails out of the server (if you are using voicemail only setup). Install a new server and ExMerge them back in. Users will have to set up their recorded name, greeting and new TUI password.

Take your powers that be and slap their hands for altering the tables! ha

good luck

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