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Modifying "End User" telephone number field for attendant console


We have a situation whereby users in the corporate directory have a telephone number attribute prefixed by a site code (for international dialing)

Eg user extension 1000 appears in directory as 501000 (50 being the site code)

The problem being, using the auto generated attendant console directory puts an entry of "501000" in the directory but the users extension is actually 1000 so the BLF monitoring does not work.

I understand you can get around this using a modified and locally stored user directory or by uploading a modified directory to the call manager itself and turning off the "Directory sync period" so it doesnt get overwritten with an autogenerated file by CCM taken from the users themselves.

However, it would be nice to have a directory that automatically updates from the end user directory and discards the leading two digits (site code) so the BLF monitoring continues to work and a new directory does not have to be manually produced and re-uploaded every time a staff member joins or leaves.

Can anybody suggest how to acheive this? CCM version is

Thanks in advance


Re: Modifying "End User" telephone number field for attendant co

It looks like Bug-ID CSCsq93935. When you press the directory button on your IP phone what do you see?

You can do a qucik check and see if this is a DNS issue.. Go to CCMadmin>>System>>Enterprise parameters>> Scroll down to Phone URL Parameters. Check your directory URL, makesure its pointing to the IP address of your publisher, not the hostname

New Member

Re: Modifying "End User" telephone number field for attendant co

Sorry i havent explained myself properly.

User accounts are brought into CCM by active directory. The telephone number field is populated by the persons actual extension number (4 digit) prefixed by an site code (2 digit)

So, lets say Joe Bloggs is extension 1234 and he is in San Jose. The site code for San Jose is 55.

The users user device profile has extension number 1234 assigned to it. The "end user" as imported from active directory has extension 551234 assigned to it (the inter cluster trunks pointed at San Jose are route pattern 55xxxx)

Thus if a London user looks up Joe Bloggs he see's extension 551234. He hits dial, and it matches the route pattern for the London-San Jose ICT. At San Jose there is a translation pattern to strip the 55 from the front and the call is delivered to Joe's phone.

The above setup will be essential due to DDI overlap.

Now the problem is that when you leave the San Jose attendant console application to take its list of contacts directly from the call manager server, it see's Joe Bloggs extension as 551234, but his real extension is 1234. Thus, the BLF monitoring for that user (and all others!) does not work.

The work around for this is to manually create a directory to put onto the attendant console, however - if new users are added, the manual creation of the attendant console directory will have to be repeated to include these newly added users.

My question is, can you add filters or similar to the attendant console automatic directory creation process?

So can we say to the call manager "when creating the attendant console directory, please strip the first 2 digits from the directory number"

New Member

Re: Modifying "End User" telephone number field for attendant co

I am having a similar problem. We are a large organization where all remote sites have overlapping dialplans (IE - every receptionist at a remote site is x100). Users can dial between sites by dialing '5+agencyID+extension' which goes through a translation pattern.

Problem is if the users have thier full global extension in AD this will show up in Attendant Console (IE - 51234100) and it will be unknown.

Would be nice if AC was smart enough to look through translation patterns.

Aren't we facing the same problem?



New Member

Re: Modifying "End User" telephone number field for attendant co

Did anyone ever find the solution to this issue? I'm running CUCM 7.1.3 and AC server, but have the same problem.

Thanks - Rob.

Cisco Employee

Re: Modifying "End User" telephone number field for attendant co

From Call Manager to this user, what does the Description for that device say - SEPxxxxxxxxx?

Then go to the AC, highlight the user, press F12, Contact Numbers, is the Device Name the same that is in CUCM?  If not change it here.  Make user the Use device Name is checked.

New Member

Re: Modifying "End User" telephone number field for attendant co

Hi John,

Thanks for the reply. In CallManager the description for the device the test operator is using (SEP1C17D3401281) is simply "Test phone."

When you say "go to AC, highlight the user, press F12..." are you referring to the web admin page for Attendant Console or the actual end-user client application? In the web admin page I see the operators, but obviously hitting F12 in the browser doesn't do anything. In the end-user client I don't see where you can highlight any user??

Thanks - Rob.