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MOH file location

Hi !

Maybe i didn't understood something, but i am wondering if it is possible to store the moh audio file somewhere than on the flash file system on the router ?

If yes, what are the option ? My customer want a moh file which is too big for the flash. and want to be able to modify it without accessing the router.

TFTP server ?

Broadcast the file from a server ?

Multicast ? .....

My customer want to have the moh file on his Win 2003 server.

I know i can broadcast audio from an audio feed using a FXO port.

Ill appreciate any help with this !

using 2801 w/ 2x 4FXO Cisco CME 4.2 AIM CUE 3.1.1

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Re: MOH file location

Hi Nick. If u get the reply for this moh issue or if u get to know thru some other souce pls forward the reply to me aswell to mail id\



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Re: MOH file location

I will ... in the meantime i will do some testing to see if i can resolve this !


Re: MOH file location

The answer to that question is NO. You need to store it on flash. It can not be stored on a seperate device. (At least not that I am aware of) You can get a 256MB flash card for the 2801 if that will help.


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