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MOH only works when dial the operator (0)

Hi all,

i`m using cisco cucm-BE with mgcp protocol with the gateways,

In the unity configuration, -->call  management-->system call handler-->operator-->edit -  transfer call-->standard-->under the transfer  action

I choose Transfer call to : Extension and i put 0 and i choose ofcourse supervise transfer, and checked the box for "wait  while....".

By doing the above config ,

When someone called form the pstn to the cucm and after he hear the autoattendant:

the     MOH only works when i press 0 (the operator) and when i press an     internal extension i hear a ring back tone and sometimes i hear the MOH   for one second and then the ring back tone played ....... dialing 0 only let me  hear the   MOH Normally after "wait   while i transfer your call"

how i can hear the MOH too after i dial the internal extension normally?

the following is done:

-am using unicast MOH

- that media resource is enabled. Media Resource->MoH Server and verify that the run flag is set to YES.

- Restart the Cisco IP Voice Media Stream App service.

- Check if G711,G729 is enabled for MoH in Service Parameters->Call Manager->Cisco IP Voice Media Stream App service.

- the IP Phones or Gateways has assigned the MRGL that include the MOH resource.


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