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move CDR database

We are going to move CDR from CCM into a dedicated server, is there a online document available or any experience can share?


Re: move CDR database

It is possible to insert the flat files (CDR records) into a different database in a different server.

CDR-Related Service and Enterprise Parameters

"Off Cluster CDR Connection String?This parameter specifies the optional DSN to use when you do not want CDRs inserted into the CDR database on the publisher. This parameter must point to an ODBC database with matching CDR database schema. The DSN should include any necessary user and password information. You do not need to run the Cisco CallManager installation process on the ODBC database."

You might also want to check this link from microsft to determine the DSN you have to enter in there.

Here is an example of the string you needed to configure (in the Off Cluster CDR Connection String field under Eterprise Parameters. System --> Enterprise Parameters from the CCMAdmin page):

DSN=CiscoCallManager;SERVER=servername;DATABASE=CDR Trusted_Connection=yes

And if the server requires authentication you can use the following string:

DSN=CiscoCallManager;SERVER=servername;DATABASE=CDR;Trusted_Connection=yes;USERNAME=username; PASSWORD=password

In the string there are no quotes included.

Please check the link from Microsoft I sent you to see more detailed information on this.

To verify the files are being inserted properly, you can check the C:\Program files\Cisco\CallDetail\CDR and C:\Program files\Cisco\CallDetail\BAD folders continously (if you have any doubts) and you should have few files in the CDR folder or none and none for the BAD folder.


Here is a procedure to export your current data. In the callmanager server go to:

start > programs > Microsoft SQL server > Import and Export data.

The "Data Transformation Services Import/Export Wizard" initial window appears. Click next. The Data Source (from where you will be copying data) window is displayed.

Data Source = Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server.

Server = (local)

If you are using any callmanager version 4.x, use Windows authentication.

If you are using any callmanager version 3.x, use SQL server authentication (you will be prompted to enter the username and password for the SQL administrator).

Database = CDR

Click Next. The Destination (to where do you want to copy data) window is displayed.

Destination = The default is "Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server"; however, you can choose here other data formats.

Server = From the drop down list, select the name of the server to which you want to export the CDR database.

Select the appropiate authentication method (Windows authentication or SQL server authentication).

Database = select "new" from the drop down list and then you are prompted to enter a name and a size for the new database. Click OK to accept those settings, then click on next.

The "Specify Table Copy or Query" window is displayed.

Select the option "Copy table(s) and view(s) from the source database".

Click next.

The "Select Source Tables and Views" window is displayed. Select all the objects by checking the checkboxes. Click Next.

The "Save, schedule, and replicate package" window is displayed.

As you are performing this procedure after hours, just check the "Run immediately" checkbox and then click on Next.

Verify the information that you provided in the "Summary" window, then click on "Finish". You will be informed if the copy procedure was successful. Click on OK, then click on Done.

Now go to the new server and verify the information is there.



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Re: move CDR database

Hi Jorge

Thanks so much for this. To highlight what you describered:

1. Get a server with SQL database installed and create a database maybe called CDR in it.

2. Edit the Off Cluster CDR Connection String field

3. export the current CDR table into the external server.

4. Verify new call CDR is in the external server.

I am assuming by editing the Off Cluster CDR Connection String field, CCM automatically has ODBC created with external server?

Can you verify these are correct highlevel?


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