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Move mailbox from 5.5 to 2003/Move Unity from lab AD to production AD

I am going to be working with a client who is installing a lab copy of running environment. He is migrating from Exchange 5.5 to 2003. I will be working with him to install new Unity 4.0(3) in this lab and partnering with the 2003 server and importing the mailboxes on the old 5.5 server. We are not backing up or upgrading in any way his existing 3.1(5) Unity server on the production environment.


1. Since his lab is a copy of production, Unity attributes will exist on the 5.5 mailboxes. Will the new Unity 4.0 server be able to successfully remove these so I can import them in the lab?

2. Does Migrate Subscriber Data Tool work to move user from 5.5 to 2003? The docs I have read to not specifically address this:

If not, the client will manually move the user's mailbox in Exchange. If this is the case, will Unity pick up the account or will we have to reimport?

3. He understands that the Unity configuration will need to be manually re-done and that greetings will be lost. However, if after using MSD tool or manually moving it, will Unity recognize old voice messages left in the old 5.5 with Unity 3.1(5) after the mailbox is moved?

4. Finally, when I move this new 4.0 server out of the lab and into production, I presume that I will have to delete all subscribers and uninstall Unity, correct? I am guessing that the lab account SIDs will be different from the production account SIDs so the Unity accounts won't work even if we create them in production AD. Am I correct in my thinking or is there an easier way?

Thanks again,


ps...I did read this post from yesterday and do still have these questions. Thanks


Re: Move mailbox from 5.5 to 2003/Move Unity from lab AD to prod

1. No you will need to manually clear custom attributes 12 and 14 off users using Exchange 5.5 Admin in raw mode.

2. It will work if the backend is AD -- meaning that the partner Exchange server is either Exchange 2000 or Exchange 2003. If the backend is 5.5 then you can't use it. Sounds like your partner server will be 2003 so you should be OK.

3. Yes as long as the move process you are doing doesn't wipe the message atributes off. Using the Exchange system manager to move it will retain them.

4. We don't support moving the Unity server in the way you are talking about. What you will need to do it backup the lab server with DiRT, reinstall it from scratch into production and then restore with DiRT.



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