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moving subscribers to new unity

We have a unity integrated to callmanager and we just added a remote site with another unity. It is in the same forest and dialing domain. I am licensing pooling. I need to move about 100 mailboxes from that unity to this unity and exchange. GSM looks like it moves the mailbox but when i go to check messages. it asks me to enter passwrd and then i get the failsafe and tells me my messages are not available..



Cisco Employee

Re: moving subscribers to new unity

Unity version?

MSM version?

Exchange version?

Any error in the event log when you dial in?

the move subscriber tool doesn't move exchange servers - it moves the subscriber info from one Unity server to another but continues to point at the same mailbox/account in AD/Exchange. My best guess with the info in front of me here is that the mailbox is not accessible to the message store service account on the new Unity server and it fails to log in when you go to check messages.

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Re: moving subscribers to new unity


We have a similar requirement for one of our customers. Which tool exactly is used to move subscribers from one Unity server to another? Also, is there a utility that will also move the mailboxes from one Exchange server to another? Unity 4.0(5) with Exchange 2K is used.

Lastly, we are trying to use license pooling between the new server and the 2 existing (failover) Unity servers. Does the License pooling feature need to be enabled on the existing servers as well? Any guides regarding this?



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