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Moving system accounts in AD

I'm quite sure that this is OK, but the security team has advised me that the unity_servername and Eadmin accounts in AD need to be moved to a new OU. Just want to verify that they can be moved without issue or do we need to update any unity related configs? Thanks.


Re: Moving system accounts in AD

your unity service accounts that run the unity services have been given permission to a specific container in AD for access to read, write, etc. vm's.

if you move the accounts to a new container, chances are that you'll need to update unity/accounts to be able to have access to that new container in AD. (especially if eadmin is still used as the default administrator. ie: where unknown subscriber messages are left)

you may need to rerun the permissionsWizard if you plan on having a new container used for storing unity subscribers.

look through this link for more info:

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Re: Moving system accounts in AD

thanks for your feedback, the OU we are moving the accounts to is an existing one under the current OU, so the permissions are already there. The accounts used to run the unity services are also already in the "new" OU. (guess I should have clarified "new" as opposed to "another OU"..) Thanks for your feedback regardless.

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