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Moving Unity Subscribers with Global Subscriber Manager

I plan to move 368 Unity UM 5.0(1) with Exchange subscribers to a new server using Global Subscriber Manager. I tested moving 10-15 users over last two weeks with no issues, now I'm ready to move everyone. I used Shift Key to select all subscribers, hit next. I wait about 10 minutes and screen doesn't change to the Verified they could be deleted. Task Manager doesn't show any CPU cycles for GlobalSubscriberManager.exe nor any memory increase. How long should it take GSM to verify these 368 users can be moved/deleted? I'm using version 2.01.13. Did I select more users than the tool can move?


Re: Moving Unity Subscribers with Global Subscriber Manager

I would still only move less than 20 at a time. I have had issues with using it in the masses. PINs did not move over, or it lost some personal greetings, etc. I'd say go with the 20 and less and move the subscribers in "waves"


Re: Moving Unity Subscribers with Global Subscriber Manager

I tracked it down to a single subscriber. This subscriber somehow has two different alias with the same smtp address. It was causing problems with dbwalker before this move. I used Bunny Killer (Remove Subscriber Properties) to delete him and then I was able to move the other 316 users.

I'm thinking the GSM error handling for this wasn't coded right. I should have gotten some sort of problem pop-up, etc.

I kept wanting to wait thinking GSM was doing something!

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