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MPE License

Hi, i have installed MPE requested license and installed, after that when triyng to setup a conference with video resources i get the error stating that "Insufficient licenses are available for web",checked the licenses installed and it shows the uploaded licenses. then rebooted the server and licenses has gone, when searching for licenses report server display only the 6 demo ports.then when trying to re-upload the licenses i get an error stating that i cannot upload licenses now, restarted license manager, but problem still the same, any idea??

very appreciated.


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Re: MPE License


  I'm seeing the same exact scenario. I stopped and restarted the license manager but that hung....I had to reboot. Now, when I install my license, it installs it, but with less capabilities:

Licenses Summary
Name Enabled Installed Comment
voiceconf2020Max that can be enabled on this system: 40
webconf66Max that can be enabled on this system: 40
videoconf66Max that can be enabled on this system: 40
systemsoftware11Valid for version 2.0

My actual license file:

VENDOR cisco
FEATURE maxvideo cisco 2.0 permanent 40 HOSTID=e41f13240828 \
NOTICE="200912110944550521 \
1192J30A2D1" SIGN=D6845094A1AA
FEATURE systemsoftware cisco 2.0 permanent 1 HOSTID=e41f13240828 \
NOTICE="200912110944550522 \
1192J30A2D1" SIGN=5D3D1EB8EB58
INCREMENT voiceconf cisco 1.0 permanent 20 HOSTID=e41f13240828 \
NOTICE="200912110944550523 \
1192J30A2D1" SIGN=D6E72ADAE416
INCREMENT webconf cisco 1.0 permanent 6 HOSTID=e41f13240828 \
NOTICE="200912110944550524 \
1192J30A2D1" SIGN=C00157AEC944
INCREMENT videoconf cisco 2.0 permanent 6 HOSTID=e41f13240828 \
NOTICE="200912110944550525 \
1192J30A2D1" SIGN=99726A64D1AC
FEATURE maxvoice cisco 1.0 permanent 40 HOSTID=e41f13240828 \
NOTICE="200912110944550526 \
1192J30A2D1" SIGN=32E6AFEE6B6E
FEATURE maxweb cisco 1.0 permanent 40 HOSTID=e41f13240828 \
NOTICE="200912110944550527 \
1192J30A2D1" SIGN=7DE86F36F628

Did you get any resolution? (I'm also If no one repsonds by EOD, I'm going to open a TAC case......

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Re: MPE License


in my case it was a fresh install, so i installed the license but it seems there is a bug on the install that does not allow the nesessary permissions to the folder that holds the license file so it cannot be writted, so tac engineer toldme:

SSH to your MeetingPlace Express server as the user “mpxadmin” and run the following commands:

1.       su

                //this will prompt you for the root password

2.       chown -R mpxadmin:mpx $MP_ROOT/licenses

3.       cd $MP_ROOT/licenses

4.       mv license.dat license.old

Then go back to your MeetingPlace Express web page, Administration, Maintenance, License, and the Install License page and install your license here and select the option “Upload new license file”.

after that the licenses showed ok,

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Re: MPE License


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