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MPE Reservationless/Continous Meetings

I have a new install and the customer wants to setup MPE as close to the current Conferencing server as possible. Today they dial into the conferencing server and enter a number (may or may not, usually not, be their Directory Number). Once they dial that number they are placed into that conference without having to enter a password or anything else.

In MPE I have explored Continous meetings but you are limited to 12 meetings and they reserve ports all the time. Is there a way around them reserving the ports?

I have also showed them the Reservationless way to create a meeting but it requires a password to setup the meeting. Is there a way to bypass the password when setting up a Reservationless meeting?

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Re: MPE Reservationless/Continous Meetings

Hi Karl,

I have not tried this but thought it might be what you are looking for regarding passwords;

Configuring Requirements for Meeting Passwords

You can increase the security of your Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express system by doing the following:

•Requiring passwords for meetings scheduled by some or all users

•Requiring long meeting passwords

Meeting passwords prevent uninvited people from attending meetings.



Step 1 Log in to Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express and click Administration.

Step 2 Click System Configuration > Meeting Configuration.

Step 3 Configure the Minimum meeting password length field. A higher value is more secure than a lower value.

Step 4 Click Save.

Minimum meeting password length

Minimum number of characters required in meeting passwords.

A value of 0 means that meeting passwords are never required, even for meetings that are scheduled by users whose user profile Password required field is set to Yes.

Tip Follow your company guidelines for similar telecommunications systems.

Range: 0 to 11


Hope this helps!


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