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MPE web participant list and dial in users.

I have a question with regards to MPE 2.X and the names that are displayed in the web meeting. If I setup a meeting and invite a participant to it and they show up twice in the participant list. The first showing of their name is what they put in when they joined the via the web interface from The second user shows the caller-ID number from them dialing in. I don't want it to show up twice because it confuses people in the meeting. I want it to just show the user one time or not show any dial in users. I understand how to avoid this for internal users. I will not allow MPE to dial out to any external users. It can dial people when they are internal or some other very specific cell phone numbers but I don't want MPE to dial external users and have us absorb the LD cost.

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Re: MPE web participant list and dial in users.

Either you need to allow out-dial for guests; or, manually merge them by selecting the two entries in the participant list and then clicking the merge button to collapse them into one listing.

MPE has no way of understanding that a call-in guest matches a specific web meeting room guest as MPE lacks a "participant code" feature like WebEx has.

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