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Multiple CUPS / Presence Server Clusters and 1 Call Manager Cluster

Has anyone ever had the needed to or to tried to install multiple CUPS clusters integrated with one CUCM Cluster?

We have in production a cluster of CUPS servers dedicated as SIP proxies for our Contact center. These CUPS servers are in production and are intended to be used as dedicated SIP proxies for call routing with our contact Center CUCM cluster.

We now need to deploy CUPS as an IM / Presence server for Jabber clients and we do not want to use the existing CUPS SIPs proxies for Jabber. We'd prefer to deply a dedicated Presence cluster for Jabber. In the end we would have 2 CUPs clusters setup connected to 1 CUCM cluters. One cluster handling the SIP proxy call routing for contact center calls, and the other handling IM and Jabber connectivity for the users of the contact center cluster.

The SIP proxy cluster is curerntly CUPS

The new cluster for IM / Presence would be

Any thoughts on if this is doable?



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Multiple CUPS / Presence Server Clusters and 1 Call Manager Clus

Hi Ben-

There is a 1:1 ratio of a single IM&P cluster per CUCM cluster; this becomes increasingly critical in 9.0 and 10.0 as the products merge. I asked the UCCE team here at Presidio whether you could use the existing cluster or not, here's what I got:

  • CUPS isn't supported in current releases as a SIP proxy, it was replaced with Cisco Unified SIP Proxy (CUSP)
  • Current releases, esspecially 8.5+, don't even require a SIP proxy as "it provides no value"
  • As long as the CUPS servers are not clustered over the WAN the CCBU will support SIP Proxy and CUP users co-existing.
  • If you wanted to expand the CUP cluster to support both you would need to work with your partner and Cisco to get a DM Session with A2Q for approval and possibly a TAC Exception.

Good luck!

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