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Multiple Unity message notifications

we have 3 failover pairs , on box storage, external DC's, Unity 5 , digitally networked.

We moved 2 users using GSM , Cobras and the move mailbox function in system manager. The users were succesfully moved, all settings were migrated to the new server, however since the move they are getting 3 smtp and 3 sms notifications per message- originally they got 1 notification per message, one smtp and one sms. Switch settings match on ccm and Unity.

Any ideas as to how and why and how we could resolve this?



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Re: Multiple Unity message notifications

Hi -

Since this is only two users, have you tried stopping notification and let replication occur in your Unity digital network?  Then try resuming for the one Unity server where the users reside.  I'm thinking the other two servers still have the information stored for notification, i.e. something that was not cleaned up when the subscribers were moved.


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Re: Multiple Unity message notifications

Hey Ginger,

nice to hear from you as always. The system in total has about 12000 users, it was only two that were moved as a pilot before we move around about 4000 in total in the future. So its ony the notifications for these 2 users that is incorrect at the moment that we want to fix before we can apply to all the others.

I have actually done the total resync within the DOH Prep tool within Unity but this did not make any difference. The servers should resync to AD anyway within the normal timescales should'nt they??  What could  cause them not to resync.??  (is this the same as the dc/gc tool or is it worth trying that as well?)

Re: Multiple Unity message notifications

Hi Jeff -

If you are seeing application event messages like AvDSAD errors regarding synchronization, especially if the Unity servers are in different domains, I might go ahead and run the DCGC Reconnect tool.   The AvDSGlobalCatalog.exe - Monitors the Active Directory global catalog for changes to distribution lists, mailbox stores, locations, and for objects associated with other Cisco Unity servers in the network. The subscriber and location changes detected by AvDSGlobalCatalog result in updates to the global tables in the SQL database. Polling is done at regular, configurable intervals; the default is every fifteen minutes. Often times I've had to get this working to fix cross digital networking issues, like a Unity server thinking an extension is still associated to subscriber.  I'm also thinking the notification info is stored/replicated in each Unity server's UnityDB.  While you're at it, have you run DBWalker on the Unity servers lately?  Running this might help reveal the problem.

Regards to you too! Ginger

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