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MWI doesn't on after ext receive message

Hi all,

I have a problem with MWI. Example after i leave a message at ext 200. Ip phone MWI lamp doesn't on and after i check event viewer i have a message like this ...

Failed to read database UnityDirDb with query Select s.ObjectId, s.Alias, s.DisplayName, s.TimeZone, s.DtmfAccessId, m.MailboxId, l.MwiExtension, l.MwiOn, l.ObjectId, l.IncludeFaxMessages, l.IncludeTextMessages, l.IncludeVoiceMessages, l.MediaPortObjectId, l.MediaSwitchObjectId, d.ObjectId, d.Type, d.DisplayName, r.ObjectId, r.FailRuleObjectId, r.InitialDelay, r.RepeatInterval, r.RepeatNotify, r.ScheduleSetObjectId, l.DisplayName, r.DisplayName from vw_Subscriber s inner join vw_Mailbox m on s.ObjectId = m.UserObjectId left outer join vw_NotificationMWI l on s.ObjectId = l.SubscriberObjectId and l.Active != 0 left outer join vw_NotificationDevice d on s.ObjectId = d.SubscriberObjectId and d.Active != 0 left outer join vw_NotificationRule r on d.ObjectId = r.NotificationDeviceObjectId order by s.Alias for mailbox F157494B-8060-4BA8-A728-D61B68B24F02 :. Technical Details: unavailable

i'm using unity connection 1.1.1 sr1 with callmanager 4.3

Please help me .....

Cisco Employee

Re: MWI doesn't on after ext receive message

This type of problem is not something we're going to be able to easily help you with out on the forum - a failed DB query like that means something is damaged/missing from the database for that user or something similiar. If you haven't already, you'll need to open a TAC case so someone can get into your system and look at your DB tables.

Community Member

Re: MWI doesn't on after ext receive message

Hi Sir,

Yesterday we try to uncheck inherit field from MWI user configuration and it's work MWI light can be turn on and i don't see a error message in event viewer. But a default for inherit field at MWI user config after we create a user is check. For this field should be check or not ...... and do you have any idea about this ......



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