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MWI Issue...

Currently running Unity 4.0.3 on a Win 2K SP4 server. We are also running Exchange 2000 SP3. We are in the process of migrating to Exchange 2K3 SP2 on a Win2K3 SP1 server. We moved a few mailboxes to the new Exchange 2K3 server and ran into a few Unity issues. The first is that the Unity Administrator still lists the "old" server under Exchange Information. A check of the registry seems to show that the "new" server was picked up under Unity System Profile. This is true for the users who have been moved.

The second issue is the MWI. After the mailbox is moved the MWI stops working. Messages are showing up in the users inboxes and are playing normally when clicked on. It's just that the MWI will not toggle on and off... unless Unity is stopped and started. Once Unity is stopped and started the MWI works normally. I don't see anything out of the ordinary in the event logs and the permissions seem to be set as they should.

Any thoughts?


Re: MWI Issue...

it seems that MWI is not working until you tell it to.

by restarting Unity, one of the processes is to do an MWI sync.

instead of using Unity stop/start to provoke this process, setup 'MWI Synchronization' automatically via the "Integration Manager". there you will see a checkbox to perform daily auto ReSync's and you will be able to provide a time for this to occur.

i suggest having this in the evening depending on your site size.

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Re: MWI Issue...

I'll give it a try. Thanks...

It seems to me that the trigger to toggle the MWI is still going through the "old" Exchange 2000 server. As a test I shut this server down and the MWI would not function for users who have been migrated to the "new" Exchange 2003 server. Once the Exchange 2000 server came back on-line the MWI worked normally. I believe that it has something to do with the Unity System Administration interface still showing the "old" Exchange server under the Exchange Information heading on the Subscriber Profile sheet.

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Re: MWI Issue...

This is correct, the subscribers are pointed to the old exchange server, so unity goes there to check for any new messages.

How did you "move" the users from the old exchange to the new one?

Use these steps to move exchange users to another server/message store:

1) login to the exchange server as an admin

2) open up "active directory users and computers"

3) browse to the user you want to move and leftClick to bring up a menu.

4) from the menu choose, "exchange tasks" (the exchangeTask wizard pops up)

5) click on the "move mailbox" option, then press NEXT.

6) a window pops up showing current mailbox store and options to choose a new server and new mailbox store. select the correct server/store and press NEXT.

7) wait for the task to move the mailbox to complete! :)~

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