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MWI not lighting up up phones after message

I setup MWI on and off in Call manager 4.1 and Unity 4.2(1)- and I have tested it on the sets by dialing both numbers - the lights go on and off as they are supposed to. However, when I leave a message on a subscribers phone - the MWI light does not come on. Am I missing something very minor?


Re: MWI not lighting up up phones after message

You need to check that Unity is connected to Exchange correctly. What happens during MWIs is that after a message is delivered to Exchange, Unity will see a new message in the inbox of that subscriber and trigger a MWI dial out to CCM. This will then "flip" the MWI on. After the message is read or listened to, the exact same process is repeated.

Check your Unity server services that all are running and configured. Also check something basic... even though the light did not turn, can you:

- dial unity, listen the message you just left?

- any errors when you do dial unity, login "message store unavialble, etc"?

- Was the VM you left too short? If you are running tests, and leave a 3 second VM, most likely, it got deleted because of thresholds in Unity you can set for "hangups".

- Check Unity Ports that Unity *is* in fact dialing CCM. Maybe it's not even dialing.

- Chec your TSP version. Lots of older TSP softwares on Unity have issues with MWI. Restart the server and check MWI. This will reset the TSP ports.

- CCM could have some odd VM translation coming from Unity and the MWIs extensions are changing from xxxx to xxxxxx.

So many things, check basic items in this list first.

good luck

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Re: MWI not lighting up up phones after message

Thanks for the advice - I'll give it a whirl.

Sorry I forgot to mention that we use Lotus Notes as the message store~

Re: MWI not lighting up up phones after message

same basic concept though with notes.

check out this link as well.

Also, in the Right column of the webpage you are in. "Search NetPro" drop down the Unified Comm & Video and enter in "Notes MWI" There are some other entries as well.

Re: MWI not lighting up up phones after message

Hi -

In addition to the great suggestions already offered, I had a few thoughts that are typical gotchas for MWI:

- Is the subscriber's phone directory number the same as what was imported/added to Unity? If not, you can use the Alternate Extension and Alternate MWI settings in the Unity subscriber to code these.

- Do you have at least one Unity port enabled for MWI dialout? You can check this either from UTIM or Ports in the Unity SA.

Best wishes, Ginger

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