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MWI not turning on or off in Unity Connections anymore


Have unity connections 1.2(1) with ES29 and TSP version 8.1(3).

When a users MWI light is on, when they check new messages and delete them the light does not go off. When they don't have any messages and get a new one their MWI light does not come on.

MWI on/off extensions and TSP settings have been triple checked, dialout MWI settings checked, CSS checked on CCM side, and the phones can call the on/off MWI extensions to get their lights to go on and off.

In the unity macro traces, we are seeing this error at time someone calls in and check messages.

11:29:27:281 (**,-1,CDE,14) [ 3116] [ CCM-1-3] [E34F0EDE802C4E8F9ADCA579B1FE3305] Call Handler Record not found by Dtmf 0x80046512 6946 (.\CsCallSession.cpp 1362)

6946 is a subscriber, not a call handler.


Re: MWI not turning on or off in Unity Connections anymore

Hi -

Your post mentioned not turning on/off "anymore". Hope you don't mind me asking the proverbial "What changed" to cause it no longer to work? I might also check the Unity micro trace for Notifier and Notification Devices (Notifier)

Notification of messages and selected events; turning message waiting indicators (MWIs) on and off; since you are getting the phones to dial the correct on/off MWI extensions. Would you consider posting here?


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